About the Council

The Town Council owns and maintains a number of amenities in this rapidly growing town, including:

The Council provides support to local organisations through grant aid, organises and promotes the Bingham Town Fair and Christmas Fair, provides litter and dog bins throughout Bingham, organises and funds the Christmas lighting display and summer floral display, the festive window competition and occasionally an annual garden competition. A bi-monthly newsletter is sent out to every household.

To manage these amenities and activities, the Council employs a full time Town Clerk,
two full-time and one part-time ground-staff, part-time office staff and a part-time caretaker.

In addition to its everyday activities, the Council has set aside funds to provide a possible community centre, maintain play equipment and maintain current assets. 

Sources of income, other than the precept, are from:

Bingham Town Council operate a committee system whereby the following meet and then report to Full Council over an 8 wk. period:
Planning, Community, Environment, Recreation & Cemetery and Policy & Resources Committee


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