Public Speaking

Members of the public are welcome to attend Committee meetings, but unlike Town Council meetings where a time is set aside for members of the public to speak, arrangements should be made in advance if a resident wishes to raise a particular issue.


The Town Council discusses matters in detail at committee level and then sends its recommendations to full council for ratification except if Standaing Orders allow for delegated powers in certain circunstances.

The Council has five committees covering specific areas of the council's business.

Bingham Town Council Committee Members - 2017/18

"Social Bingham" matters such as crime prevention, promotion, events, Christmas lights

"Physical Bingham" matters such as roads, parking, transport, lighting, floral displays and litter.

Recreation and Cemetery
Playing fields, play equipment, allotments and Bingham Town Cemetery

Planning Committee
has executive powers to decide the Town Council`s response to planning applications to be dealt with by Rushcliffe Borough Council.

Policy and Resources
Financial matters, including budgets, end of year accounts, wages and salaries, staff matters, including terms and conditions of employment and the co-ordination of policy matters affecting more than one Committee. The members of this committee comprise the chairmen of all the other committees.


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